Tuesday, July 26, 2005

IJIS uses the power of blogging

From b.spirit -

Paul Womeli’s Tech Notes:

Bill Machrone, whose column has appeared in PC Magazine for over 20 years, writes in his August 9 column about the correlation between collaboration and information sharing functions often provided by expensive content management software and the same capabilities provided by blogging software. He describes the typical needs for collaboration including "built-in reader commentary, RSS syndication, template-based article entry, and the ability to make style changes without having to find and replace across every HTML page." and points out that most blogging software fills the bill.

There are powerful features of enterprise class blogging software tools that go beyond Machrone's observations and begin to build the basic collaboration and information sharing capability that members of any particular community of interest seek. At the IJIS Institute, we adopted a secure enterprise blogging software package made by Traction Software which we use for multiple important purposes. First, it totally defines our web site using a customized skin that we had Traction create for us. While our web site looks and acts like a conventional web site, it is actually built with the blogging software and everything on the public web site is just composed of articles (posts) in the Traction software. This makes the update and maintenance of the pages trivial, as MS Word documents can simply be copied into the web pages and uploaded with a mouse click eliminating all the work of HTML encoding and placement (although it is very easy to add HTML formatting).

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