Wednesday, July 06, 2005

A new business model for industry analysts?

About CMS Watch

CMS Watchtm is an independent source of analysis and advice on content management and enterprise search. In addition to the freely-available articles on this website, we publish technology reports that provide independent analysis and practical advice regarding web content management, records management, and enterprise search solutions.

Our reports help sort out the complex landscape of potential solutions so that project teams can minimize the time and effort to identify and evaluate technologies suited to their particular requirements.

To retain our independence as a vendor-neutral analyst firm, CMS Watch works solely for solutions buyers and never for the vendors we cover.

If this catches on it will shake up the industry.


James McGovern said...

Check out

Stiennon said...

So, how is the new business model going at CMSWatch? Kind of like starting a newspaper with no ads?


Alice said...

So far as I know, very well. CMSWatch is not a client, so I have no first hand knowledge. Bryne has an established customer base in the federal government, so I assume he does pretty well.