Thursday, May 24, 2007

More evidence that blog buzz drives media coverage

How Blogs Are Affecting Media Relations

  • Reporters who don’t know you yet are looking for organizations like yours and products like yours. Make sure they will find you on sites such as Google and Technorati.(Search optimized news releases, social bookmarks and tags on syndicated content will do it for you.)
  • If you blog, reporters who cover the space will find you.
  • Pitch bloggers, because being covered in important blogs will get you noticed by mainstream media. (Talk to bloggers - don’t pitch them)
  • Some (but not all) reporters love RSS feeds. (Bloggers love RSS feeds)
  • Personal relationships with reporters are important. (Personal relationships with bloggers aren’t just important - they’re essential. Web 2.0 is about a conversation, not a pitch)
  • Does the reporter have a blog? Read it. Comment on it. Track back to it.
  • Before you pitch, read (or listen to or watch) the publication (or radio program or TV show or blog or podcast) you’ll be pitching to!
  • Once you know what a reporter (or blogger) is interested in, send her an individualized pitch crafted especially for her needs.

It is an error to limit yourself to the high traffic blogs. Blogs with few readers and less inbound links still help with search engine visibility. Multiple links on low traffic can be used to persuade editors in the newsworthiness of your client. It is all a matter of understanding blog buzz.

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