Monday, May 28, 2007

Market Research Results

Once or twice a year I send out an email to my business associates asking them for their favorite source of tech news. The sample size is far too small to have statistical significance; but I still find it useful.

The biggest surprise is that no one mentioned the New York Times, even though that was one of the prompted choices. Some of the respondents said they no longer read the Washington Post since they gutted their tech coverage.

Most of the other results are much of what you would expect. Although results are not broken down that way, the younger readers consistently preferred online sources, older readers prefer paper, and email newsletters.

Below are this year’s results:

Most popular sources of news among all groups:
Washington Post
Wall Street Journal
Government Computer News
Federal Computer Week
Information Week
Washington Business Journal
Computer World
Washington Technology
CPCUG Monitor
CIO Magazine

Also mentioned:
Favorite of the Content Management Industry:
eDoc and the Doc 1 e-newsletter

Favorites of tech writers and computer repair consulting:
Info World
IBM Systems Magazine/Mainframe edition
Computer Shopper
Smart Computing
Brian Livingston's Windows Secrets e-mail newsletter
Tech Republic discussion lists
CPCUG discussion lists

Favorites of project managers and process improvement specialists:
MIT Tech Review

Web designers and new media specialists:
Full Disclosure Security Discussion
DC Web Women

Programmers favorites:
Oracle Magazine
Teradata Magazine
The Register
Software Development Magazine
CNN Tech
CNET Japan
Der Speigel
Inc. Magazine
Google Tech News
Yahoo Tech News
bonddad blog

Analyst and Education favorites:
The Pew Internet & American Life Project
Tim Bray’s Ongoing
Jon Udell
Phil Windley
Lou Rosenfeld

The greatest disappointment was that no one mentioned any of the blogs on the Tech on the Potomac RSS reader.

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Geoff_Livingston said...

Very useful list. Well done, Alice!

Alice said...

Glad you found it helpful.