Thursday, May 24, 2007

Online damage control that doesn't work

BL Ochman reports that ChemNutra, the company that imported melamine-tainted ingredients linked to the death of many thousands of dogs and cats nationwide, has launched a blog consisting of press releases. The worst part? The comment function doesn't work.

Clearly their PR advisers decided to do a blog, and instead of contracting with anyone knowledgeable about online communications, they went a newsroom and called it a blog. Online communications requires a specialized approach. It is necessary to hire someone with experience.


whatsnext said...

I don't think they ever meant for the comments to work. I think they just used the shell of a blog to make it look like they cared what people wanted to say.

Alice said...

Very likely, but creating the illusion of a comment feature when they don't have one only ratchets up the anger when they least need it.