Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Another reason Potomac tech culture is different from Silicon Valley


The press side of things is equally nuts. I wasn’t writing a blog in the first bubble so I can’t compare now to then. But entrepreneurs are no longer talking to us just to get our opinion and hope for a blog post and a little discussion. These guys need press to stand out from the scores of startups just like them. Saying no to them isn’t really an option. They show up at our front door with a bottle of wine or flowers. They instruct their PR firms to do anything necessary to get a story.

No Presto Vivace client ever presented wine or flowers to any member of the press. In fact, the local press is pretty strict about not taking swag. In this part of the world hype is reserved for Presidential candidates and the venture firms confine themselves to business plans and presentations.


Geoff_Livingston said...

Yeah, showing up with booze and gifts is a great way to get written up for unethical practices. I am surprised to see this is tolerated out west.

Alice said...

I'm surprised too, I guess we are just more conscious of conflict of interest issues.