Monday, May 21, 2007

Top Potomac tech and marketing blogs

Buzz Bin puts Presto Vivace blog and number seven of top new media and tech blogs:

  1. Technosailer - 874
  2. Chris Abraham - 191
  3. Technosight - 86
  4. Destination Creation - 67
  5. Buzz Bin - 59
  6. Alex Rudloff - 58
  7. Presto Vivace - 56
  8. Potomac Flacks - 53
  9. Four Labs - 49
  10. Maryland Media - 48
  11. Mike-O-Matic -48
  12. 21st Century Public Relations - 41


Geoff_Livingston said...

A very subjective list because of the Technorati rating. Did you see Todd And's 150 power marketing blogs? You were in the 130s. Way to go, Alice!

Steve Field said...

Looks like the D-Ring didn't make the cut for some reason... even though I meet the criteria he laid out. Oh well.

Maybe he didn't think my blog was related enough to new media. Go figure.

Alice said...

Thanks for creating your list. I thought I knew all the local blogs, but I did not recognize over half on your list.

Anonymous said...

Steve - maybe he doesn't know about D-Ring. Everytime I think I know all the local PR, marketing and tech blogs I discover six more I did not know about.

Alice said...

oops, I posted under anonymous for some reason.

Geoff_Livingston said...

Sorry Steven. It was based on what came up in new media, marketing and PR tags within Technorati. Your blog never appeared on any of those searches. It's just a question of yuour Technorati profile and the tags you have associated with your blog.

Steve Field said...

Very possible, Alice. I figured he just pulled from the Tech in the Potomac group.

Alice said...

This blog is tagged for almost every subject I ever cover, including project management, content management, and XML.

Martin said...

Thanks for listing me. Great line-up, love learning about other local sites -- thanks for the post.

Nick said...

I don't see my blog on there. I'm a local DC blogger as well covering PR, Marketing, business, technology, and social media. Any hopes in getting posted?

My blog is The Webpreneur. Thanks!

Alice said...

See Livingston's post above, it had to do with the way the blogs were tagged in technrati. I will add you to the Tech on the Potomac RSS reader.