Wednesday, January 14, 2009


It has come to my attention that some bloggers are descending into astro-slime. We are familiar with astroturfing, where instead of building a relationship with the public, a PR firm merely creates an astroturf front group to create the illusion of public support. Now it seems that some are hiring online character assassins.

So far the phenomenon appears to be confined to politics. I am not talking about Democratic bloggers going after Republicans or vicĂ© versa, I am talking about online vendettas that appear to have been bought and paid for. It won’t be long before this leaches out beyond political blogosphere. I predict the first commercial astro-slime will be part of a fight over weapons systems, but it will seep into every part of blogosphere.

Just part of the Pandora’s Box that is social media.

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Strategies for Curbing Internet Defamation

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