Monday, January 26, 2009

Cyber sercurity and regime change

From last summer's International Relations & Security Network:
In February 2007, Erik Prince, founder of the infamous private military company, Blackwater Worldwide, started what seems to be the next most lucrative market for such companies: intelligence gathering and analysis.

The new venture exists as a nexus of three companies that were quietly assembled by Prince the year before: the Black Group, LLC, the Terrorism Research Center, Inc (TRC), and Technical Defense, Inc. These companies form Total Intelligence Solutions, LLC, a company run out of an office in Arlington, Virginia, offering "evolved intelligence gathering and analysis" for "Fortune 1000 companies."

It we are to do better we need to do more than change Presidents, we have to ask for accountability. Our national security cannot be reduced to the newest watering whole for those who served us so poorly in the past.

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