Thursday, January 22, 2009

A common misunderstanding about cloud computing

Matt Seidel, TechFlash
Amazon’s core business is to sell goods. Google‘s core business is search and advertising. Microsoft’s is traditional software. Are these really the companies we should be relying on to offer a highly reliable cloud infrastructure? Not to mention questions of security and data control, and the risks of storing valuable intellectual property outside your company’s firewalls.

Using could computing does not necessitate giving up control of your data. I keep trying to tell reporters this, but clearly I am not getting through.

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Vu said...

There are other companies out there that are also participating in the cloud computing revolution.

I work for a start up cloud computing company called AirSet ( and we offer a very safe and secure cloud computing solution to customers. AirSet is a free service that is SSL encrypted and is accessible through multiple hardware platforms, including the mobile phone.