Friday, March 06, 2009

Cloud computing along the Potomac

David Linthicum at Intelligent Enterprise points out that cloud computing shifts risk from your enterprise to the cloud computing provider. He also points out that, Cloud computing at its essence is really about leveraging all sorts of computing resources, on-demand, stuff that you don't have to build or buy.”

Kristen Nicole at Social Times reports on, a web based application that makes it easy to create playlists. It works with iTunes too.

March Hausman suggests that there are holes in the cloud. (Of course there is a way of dealing with that.)

Winter Casey at Tech Daily Dose reports that cloud computing is gaining ground within the government.

The Disco Blog
has a podcast interview with Tim Bray about cloud computing and related topics.

Shawn Shell has the news about SharePoint and Microsoft's new cloud announcement

Jimmy at East Coast Blogging
has been having second thoughts on cloud computing.

And from Government Computer News: Google App Engine offers super-charged Python, no SLA.

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MediaMarc said...

I really don't see a big problem with cloud computing if you don't mind the possibility of a third party having the ability to browse through your life at any given moment. *Just kidding. I really think it is a cool concept, we just have to make sure that we don't become totally reliant on it to the point that we aren't backing up our files, works, and resources, while just leaving them in the clouds.