Monday, March 23, 2009

The difference between free speech and free beer

Eric Clemons writing for Tech Crunch

The idea that content has a price and net applications should find ways to earn a profit without providing free access to other people’s content gets explosive reactions; when virtual reality pioneer and tech guru Jaron Lanier suggested in a New York Times Op Ed that authors deserved to be paid for their content he actually received death threats.

I am going to be writing about the free beer attitude of the Internet, sufficeth to say I think it will come to an end simply because most will work out that it is not practical.

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Clint said...

I think we assume that certain things *should* be monetized or can be monetized, when this is not at all obvious.

The TechCrunch article is interesting because it reminds us that we don't want/trust advertising, and we don't need it.

I have access to more extensive, more helpful information anytime I go to a review site. Why would I look at ads?

I wrote a response to that piece here: