Wednesday, March 11, 2009

How I use Twitter

This post isn’t about how to use Twitter; this post is about how I use Twitter. From my point of view Twitter is to blogs what the before meeting social is to the meeting. Blogs are for formal presentations, a place to contribute to the conversation in what one trusts, is a thoughtful way. Twitter is the socializing before the meeting begins. The chatter might be related to the meeting; but it could just as easily be about the traffic jam getting to the meeting.

Twitter is a low key way to get to know people. It should be fun and not taken too seriously.

As this blog is dedicated to the local technology scene, so are my Twitter feeds. I have subscribed to the Twitter feed of those who are active in the local technology groups. I don’t care what you have to say, I don’t care whether or not you follow me back, if you are active in the local technology scene, I am interested in following your Twitter feed. Reading these feeds is a quick way to get a feel for the local zeitgeist. I also follow the feed of every technology reporter I can find. It is easier to pitch to reporters when you have a feel for them as people.

If you are not familiar with Twitter, The Common Craft Show has a good explanation.

Edit -
Andrew Conry-Murray
Twitter is a sports coat and jeans. It's the hotel bar at a security conference or trade show. Technically I'm still at work, but there's alcohol. The industry chatter, shop talk and self promotion gets salted with gossip, mild flirting and swear words. You might even see a fight.

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