Monday, March 30, 2009

Electronic Health Records medley

The Montgomery Advertiser reports that Electronic health records are a headache for doctors.

The Industry Standard informs us that the Military electronic health records system is "intolerable."

BusinessWeek reports that few hospitals are embracing electronic health record systems.

Avery Comarow of US News & World Report asks if electronic health records are hazardous to your health.

Healthcare IT News that the he Louisville Health Information Exchange (LouHIE), a Kentucky e-Health Network for the Louisville region, will create an electronic health record banking system for its members.

MIT Technology Review: what electronic health records can learn from the iPhone.

From HIT Sphere:

Healthcare IT Guy reports that CCHIT set to meet with healthcare open source advocates. Neil Versel thinks that CCHIT critics need to pay attention to this development.

Crossover Heathcare
calls the EHR adoption rate pitiful.

Medicare Connectivity
offers a preview of HIMSS 09.

announces a special webcast about unified communications technology.

Oh dear, Candid CIO tells us that it is time to tear up your IT strategy.

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