Monday, March 16, 2009

Electronic health records miscellany

The Health Care IT Guy alert us to the call for nominations for Health IT Federal Advisory Boards.

Wal-Mart plans to sell small-practice physician systems through its Sam’s Club division. HealthNex tells us that Washington State will be launching three consumer-controlled health record bank pilots in the communities of Bellingham, Spokane and Cashmere. Neil Versel excerpts David St. Clair’s thought on EHR and privacy. Crossover Health pays tribute to Kaiser Permanente’s leadership. (Dow Jones reports that Kaiser has just signed a $500 million IT deal with IBM.)

iHealth Beat tells us that Tampa has launched a new health records initiative; aims to have doctors use electronic prescribing for at least 60% of prescriptions within two years.

PC World reports that while Obama’s health IT initiative addresses the financial barrier to EHR adoption, it does not address the technology issues.

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