Monday, July 12, 2004

About Techoflak

As a participant in Global PR Week 1.0, I thought I would give some background information.

Technoflak is published by Alice Marshall of Presto Vivace, Inc., a public relations firm specializing in generating publicity for small and medium size technology companies. From the website:

We tell the big stories of small technology companies. Presto Vivace was founded in the belief that the most innovative work in technology is being done by small companies. Readers want to read about these stories. Reporters want to cover them. Presto Vivace makes this possible by bringing your story to the appropriate reporter and the appropriate news organizations.

What Public Relations Can Do for Your Business

Increased name recognition will give your company a competitive edge that will help close sales and retain customers. Prospects will visit your web site. Advertising is more productive. Direct mail generates more responses. Telephone calls are returned. You will experience the pleasure of having prospects call you.

Public relations is not a single press release but a comprehensive and continuous effort. Tell us about your product or service and we will place your story in the appropriate journals: financial, manufacturing, government - wherever it will produce results.

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