Sunday, July 11, 2004

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American Council for Technology, from their website:

Established in December 1979, the ACT is a not-for-profit corporation, chartered in the State of Delaware. A fundamental purpose of the ACT is to facilitate and encourage professional communication between organizations of the government information technology (IT) community located across the country, between those organizations and industry, and between those organizations and central management (regulatory and oversight) agencies in Washington, DC.

Industry Advisory Council, from their website:

The mission of the IAC is to bring industry and government executives together to exchange information, support professional development, improve communications and understanding, solve issues and build partnership and trust, thereby enhancing government's ability to serve the nation's citizenry.


Association For Federal Information Resource Management, from their website:

The Association for Federal Information Resources Management (AFFIRM) is Washington, D.C. based council of the American Council for Technology (ACT), and is a non-profit, volunteer, educational organization whose overall purpose is to improve the management of information, and related systems and resources, within the Federal government. Founded in 1979, AFFIRM's members include information resource management professionals from the Federal, academic, and industry sectors.

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