Thursday, July 22, 2004

Global PR Blog Week 1.0, the buzz continues

PRWeek interviews some of the participants. Here is the key question from a communicator’s point of view:

PRWeek: Here's a question as it pertains to corporate blogs. Whether or not there is a real voice to it, why are consumers going to care more than any of the other messages? At the end of the day, isn't it just the corporation talking? How do you envision corporate blogs reaching consumers?

Ochman: I see companies reaching consumers with blogs along the lines of those done by Jones Soda, Nike and all the others I gave examples of today on the Global PR Blog.

Rubel: Consumers will care because every company has customer evangelists who want to learn more about the companies they buy from. What would the reaction be like if Krispy Kreme or Jet Blue were to blog?

Basturea: 'Consumers' will be care only if 1) they can enter a relationship with the blog's author, and 2) if it responds to his informational needs.

Rubel: It's all about transparency.

Cook: I think Scoble pinned this in the interview I did with him. Its about interacting with the person in that corporation that's has responsibility for your concern - not a hotline or a group e-mail address.

Ochman: The same way that many corporations use websites as online brochures that don't have an authentic voice, companies will use blogs for corporate speak. Nobody will read them, and, eventually, they will get it. Outing said that the best blogs will rise to the top because they will be brilliantly written and well researched.

Cook: Yes we need to avoid making blogs come across like press releases or annual reports.

Ochman: I adamantly believe that blogs are NOT for everyone.

Rubel: Keith, your question should be reverse - how do you envision consumers reaching corporations? The answer is blogs. It's about listening, not talking.

I think the last line says it all, corporate blogs offer an unprecedented opportunity to listen.

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