Monday, July 12, 2004

List of suspects in Klebnikov's murder include past and present secret police

From the Baltimore Sun:

Hit men often strike Russian corporate and political figures, and Russian journalists are frequently attacked. But some Western professionals living here feel immune to the orchestrated violence. Klebnikov's slaying late Friday shattered that illusion.

How long until journalists working outside or Russia are murdered by disgruntled Russian, er, newsmakers?

Efforts to reach Berezovsky in London yesterday were unsuccessful. But the Ria-Novosti wire service reported that the tycoon said Klebnikov was a victim of his "lack of accuracy" in reporting.

"Unfortunately, his way of reporting the facts was very arbitrary," Berezovsky said. "He invented much. It seems that he seriously upset someone."

Actually, it sounds like Klebnikov was a little too accurate.

Natasha Gevorkyan, a Russian investigative journalist, said yesterday in an interview that the list of suspects behind Klebnikov's slaying should include some of the former KGB agents and current members of the security services he used as sources in his work.

In related news, water is wet.

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