Friday, July 16, 2004

Browser on fire

Love those Firefox Extensions!

Occams' Razor writes:

Some time ago I wrote about my preferred browser: Mozilla Firefox. It was obvious to me months ago that those who tried it would probably feel the same way about giving up Firefox as the gun nuts would about giving up their firearms: when you pry our cold, dead hands off our keyboards. In a word Firefox rocks! It is now up to version 0.9 and only keeps improving.

This is the sort of spontaneous customer rave that was once limited to the telephone, office break room and other personal exchanges. Now blogosphere offers ordinary customers a microphone, and they are using it.


Nevon said...

Firefox is good, I agree. Why not also try MyIE2 or its successor, Maxthon, see what you think of those. I've used MyIE2 for some time and I think it's outstanding. Better implementation of tabbed web pages than Firefox.

> MyIE2:
> Maxthon:

Alice said...

I should also probably try Opera and a few others.

My point wasn't so much about browsers as it was about blogs and customer evangelism. A post like Occam's Razor's is worth a dozen press releases.