Sunday, July 11, 2004

Starting tomorrow!

Global PR Blog Week 1.0

The Global PR Blog Week 1.0 is an online event that will engage PR, marketing and business bloggers from around the globe in a discussion about blogging and communications. The event is scheduled for July 12 - 16, 2004.


Wednesday, July 14 -- Making PR Work: Creativity and Strategy

* Elizabeth Albrycht (CorporatePR) -- Corporate PR - Pragmatic PR strategies for community building
* Angelo Fernando (Hoi Polloi) - Impact of blogs on PR and Marcomms
* Bernard Goldbach (Irish Eyes) - Promoting client messages through blogs
* Alice Marshall (TechnoFlak)
o Interview with Bradley Peniston, editor of Defense News
o Media relations issues - including pitching small businesses to editors
* Mike Manuel (Media Guerrilla) - Micro media measurement
* B.L. Ochman (What's Next Blog) - Examples of smart blog use in PR and marketing campaigns and sites that cry out for blogs
* Anthony V Parcero, (eKetchum Digital Media Group) - Developing interactive PR strategies
* Octavio Rojas: Las posibilidades de la blogósfera para las RRPP en los países hispanoparlantes - Possibilities of the blogosphere for the PR industry in the Spanish-speaking countries (English - Spanish)

Technoflak is very excited, and a little nervous.

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