Friday, February 25, 2005

Civil service blogs, Utah leads the way

Blogging at Public CIO

Public CIO Magazine has an article on blogging called The Coming of by Blake Harris that I’m part of. Blake asked a lot of good questions and we talked for a while.

That is why the Utah state government’s brash foray into blogging stands out. A few months after becoming Utah’s CIO in 2001, Phillip Windley began blogging personally.

“It wasn’t very long after that — a month or so — that I realized there could be a lot of value to an organization if there were people inside the organization who blogged,” Windley explained. “I could see how when I wrote stuff on my blog, people who worked for me and people who worked in IT throughout the state, as well as others, would respond to it. I thought, “This is cool. I’ve got a channel to essentially talk to these people.’”

Government bloggers face special challenges. It will be very difficult to create a culture where authors will feel free to write without political retribution.

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