Wednesday, February 23, 2005

New name, new layout

Technoflak has been renamed Presto Vivace Blog to reflect its corporate nature. For obvious reasons the URL will remain the same.

My late father, who was the marketing director of a data communications company, invariably referred to himself as a peddler. In that spirit I refer to myself as a flack.

The purpose of this blog remains unchanged, to chronicle Potomac area technology events as well as build a dialogue with public relations professionals, marketers, journalists, software developers, project managers, analysts, IT departments, and end users.

I have also put my blog roll on Blogdigger.

Hope you like the changes.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm Greg from Blogdigger, thanks for using Groups for your blogroll.

Your blog looks interesting. Were you aware that Blogdigger is located in Baltimore, MD?

Greg Gershman
greg AT blogdigger DOT com

Alice said...

Charm city eh? No I was not aware.

Thank you for your kinds words and swift acknowledgement. Very good PR.