Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Witch hunts and their aftermath

Jim Horton points to this critically important article:

U.S. Admits 'Missing' Los Alamos Disks Never Existed

The admission by the Energy Department that two allegedly "missing" secret computer disks never existed -- and the University of California's penalty of $5.8 million -- cap one of the biggest security shake-ups the U.S. nuclear weapons industry in post-World War II years that resulted in a temporary shutdown of all U.S. nuclear research facilities last year.

As Horton points out, those smeared by these false allegations will never recover their reputations. Those guilty of making false charges will never be held accountable. This is a terrible problem for us as a nation, not simply for the gross injustice of false allegations, witch hunts are themselves a security breach.


The staff at Los Alamos has created their own blog.

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