Sunday, February 20, 2005

Fear not the blogosphere, The News & Record leads the way

North Carolina’s News & Record shows us what can be accomplished when a newspaper is open to new ideas and does not get distracted by the “bloggers vs. journalists” red herring.

Beginner's guide to the blogosphere

"Greensboro is cool," wrote weblog savant Dave Winer after visiting with staffers from this newspaper and other local bloggers earlier this month. It's true. Our town is becoming something of a mecca for Internet innovators. No sooner had Winer departed than Dan Gillmor, author of the influential book, "We the Media," came to town to check out our blogging scene. "Another day, another guru," sighed Lex Alexander, the guy in charge of the News & Record's online outreach.

Consider all the terrific publicity raining down on Greensboro and the News & Record. The town and newspaper is getting attention from technology and blogging aficionados from all over the world. This is just another example of blogging’s tremendous PR potential.

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Lex said...

Just to clarify, by "sighed," Ed Cone meant, "exulted" or "rejoiced." We're thrilled by all the attention, even as we hasten to point out to all and sundry that we haven't actually done all that much yet.

But we will.