Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Nobody ever won a war with their customers, NY Post edition

NYPost using IntelliTXT technology

IntelliTXT is rearing its head again, this time at a major newspaper - the New York Post. It's unclear when the Vibrant Media technology arrived on their site, but none of these ads were coming up for me earlier this week in the minimal time that Internet Explorer was in use - just the pop-unders that defy toolbar action.

Considering some of the reaction that the IntelliTXT ads have faced by bloggers, including here at TMD and at PaidContent, among others, it's surprising that a major publication has gone ahead with this service. Perhaps the click through really are that high of a rate and some of us are missing something, but I'm not likely to believe that. It's not normal, not contextual, and isn't something that positive comments have been thrown around about, at least from most Internet-savvy folks.

If your advertising method is so objectionable that readers go to extraordinary lengths to avoid it, your business model is not sustainable.

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