Sunday, August 14, 2005

How open systems gain adoption

A Venture Captialist

Then yesterday, this same friend told me that she had been doing research on a trip to Vietnam and came across this great blog called Sticky Rice.

And she mentioned that all the photos in Sticky Rice come from Flickr, so she could click through and see all the photos of Vietman taken by the Stickyrice guy.

I pointed out to our friend that she could go one step further and check out all the photos in Flickr that are tagged with the word vietnam.

The day before The Gotham Gal told the same friend that she should go do a delicious search on vietnam and vietnamese food.

None of this would be possible with passwords and closed systems.

Slowly but surely consumers are being taught the value of open systems that the hackers intuitively understood 40 years ago.

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