Friday, August 19, 2005

Innovation at Work: DC Government's Integrated e-Document Management Program

NCC-AIIM Monthly Meeting, Thursday, September 15, 2005

Bill Zybach, DC Office of the CTO

Like other government entities, the District of Columbia (DC) has seen the volume of unstructured content in their business documents and communications grow exponentially. While this content is generated electronically, it is not currently managed in a manner that enables business users and decision-makers to easily access critical embedded information. The DC government decided they had to do something. The objective of the resulting initiative is to develop an Integrated e-Document Management (IeDM) strategy to address strategic, process, organization, performance, and technology issues. The project includes four phases. Phase I - Analysis and Strategy, was completed on July 26th; 2005. Phase II - Policy, Pilots, Architecture and Solutions is planned to be completed in November 2005. Phase III - Initial Deployment within Pilots will follow. A final Phase IV will focus on a phased in DC Government enterprise Deployment.

This presentation will discuss the tangibles (the deliverables to date) which include the Current state assessment, Document and records standards review, Strategic options for implementing an IeDM strategy across the District, Select pilot applications, Cost benefit analysis and a Deployment strategy for effectively implementing the IeDM strategy across the District. Even the intangibles will be discussed and that's no ordinary story.

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