Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Not good for public relations

From IABC Café comes this great moment in media relations:

A friend of mine is the producer of a TV show. She recently received an email from a PR consultant pitching an idea for a story. She wasn’t interested in the story, so she deleted the email.

Ten minutes later, the PR consultant rang her and asked, “Why did you delete my email? You only read it for two seconds!”

That was absolutely correct. My friend did delete the email. And yes, she only had the email open for 2 seconds. My friend was starting to freak out. “How did this guy know all this?” she asked me.

Easy: the PR guy was using a program, like ReadNotify, which tracks in some detail what happens to the email when it hits the recipient’s email box ...


Scott said...

Sounds like a good way to get yourself on email blacklists. And other blacklists as well....

Alice said...

I had the same reaction.

I think it is fine to sne the kind of email with "receipt requested" so the reader knows what is being asked.

But going behind the reader's back is just a way to get into trouble.