Friday, August 19, 2005

Rob Pegoraro talks about reviewing consumer technology

During his appearance before CPCUG, Rob Pegoraro spoke generally about his beat, story selection and his views on technology. He is looking for consumer technology that is past the early adopter stage but not quite mass market. He described his bias and being in favor of ease of use; he is not enthusiastic about products which require extensive tinkering. Pegoraro indicated that anytime he spends more than thirty minutes setting up, it is unlikely to be a friendly review. Apparently it is customary for companies’ PR departments to offer a special technical support lines for journalists in a hurry. Friends, if a journalist won’t be able to make deadline with your regular technical support, that is a clue your technical support is inadequate.

Note - Pergoraro spoke disparagingly of the PR department PowerPoint presentations and large media kits that invariably accompany product shipments. I have never heard a reporter say a kind word for media kits, except for the online variety, so why do we keep sending them?

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