Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Restraint of trade?

IceRocket to stop listing Blogger blogs

Mark Cuban of Ice Rocket has noticed that Blogger hosts a lot of dubious blogs. But is also hosts this one and hundreds of thousands blogs talking about everything from the war in Iraq, to marketing, to technology to every imaginable subject. I think it would be a pity if Ice Rocket users were to lose access to this conversation. Certainly Blogger needs to be aggressive against those who abuse its terms of service, but to cut off the free service is to cut the very quaility, along with its ease of use, that makes Blogger such a force for free speech.

Some quality investment blogs hosted by Blogger:

Calculated Risk

The Housing Bubble

Mish’s Global Economic Trends

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Anonymous said...

Don't worry we are not blocking all blogger blogs. I think what Mark was saying is that we are taking steps to block spam blogs and we may accidentally blog some real blogs in the process.

If someone feels like they have been blocked they are more than welcome to notify us and we will add them back.

Blake Rhodes