Monday, August 29, 2005

Nobody ever won a war with their customers

DRM doesn’t scale

I recently got the Gotham Gal a new Mac mini for her office. I signed her up for iTunes and configured it to use the same account everyone uses. She bought some music and when she went to play it, she got the message that the account can only serve 5 users. So she bought the music, paid for it, and she can't even play it on her own computer. That's the DRM wreaking havoc on our home music system.

I am old enough to remember 45’s. They were great; you just bought a song if you liked it and could play it on any record player. The only defect was that sometimes you liked songs that were never released as singles. Digital music gets passed all that because you can make any mix that suits your fancy. If the entertainment conglomerates would stop trying to control this and offer the digital version of the 45, fully portable, they could make a fortune. They are controlling their industry to death.

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