Monday, December 26, 2005

Blogs, more work, more opportunity

Shrinking News Holes Make it Tougher for Mid-Level Companies

Media targeting has long been the name of the game for many mid-level corporations, as a specific placement in regional dailies can pay off as much as the national dailies. But shrinking newsrooms and news holes, and an increasing number of mid-level corporations, has even made this a tough placement to gain.

... Beyond mainstream pitching techniques, Braykovich also points to the importance of utilizing emerging forms of media. "We do monitor numerous blogs, notably, blogs providing news about regional companies or issues. Influencing the influencers and pitching your news to bloggers is another, albeit less direct, manner of reaching our newsroom."

The media food chain has been extended. On the one hand, it will be increasingly necessary to launch a story from blogs before you even pitch to mass-market media. On the other hand, there are millions of blogs and more each day; the possibility to place a story is greater than ever.

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