Friday, December 09, 2005

When you sell technology, you are selling to a committee

Casey Software

Next, technology decisions are not made from the top down. The marketing dollars are focused at the CIO's and the CTO's who are believed to chart the overall direction of the ship, but they're not the ones manning the oars. Once again, we go to the line-level geek, developer, admin who is going to use the best tools they can find to get the job done.

One reason I attend so many meetings of user groups and trade associations is because that is the only way you get a feel for what the worker bees in the industry are thinking.


Keith Casey said...


And by attending those things, you're going to have 10x the information and effectiveness as the next person who doesn't bother.

Alice said...

Precisely so, which is why this is the only PR/Marketing technology blog whose sidebar begins with every local tech organization I know of.