Monday, December 19, 2005

A difficult pitch to make

Conferences that Kevin Maney will not be attending:

IMI’s 9th Annual Toner & Imaging Chemicals Conference – The Future of Toner & Imaging Raw Materials on February 6-8, 2006 focuses on the technology, market and applications challenges and opportunities that are facing the toner industry.

Here is why technology reporters should cover this conference, because toner cartridges, their cost, quality, and recycling issues have a huge impact on your readers. Cartridges are the largest single cost of ownership for a printer.

Cartridge technology drives what you can do with a printer, as in color printers, etc.

No, it is not as fun as a gadget trade show. There aren't any cool toys. Any reporter can cover a gadget show, only the most skilled business reporter can write about toner cartridges in a way that shows readers how their lives are affected.

Note - no this is not my client, but it is the sort of story I pitch.

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