Thursday, December 22, 2005

International Association of Software Architects Launches

Loosely Coupled Thinking links to my client IASA and describes it thusly:

IASA is a vendor agnostic, non-profit organization focused on defining and supporting the professional duties of IT architects.

From the news release:

The new website was created expressly for professional software architects and aims to assist them at all stages of their career by providing articles, reusable content and chapter pages for local IASA chapters around the world.

Paul Preiss, the President and Founder of IASA, describes why the online resource is a necessary addition to the industry:

"Most articles, templates and patterns are written with the developer in mind. The IT architect is completely left out of the equation. Thus the IASA provides this valuable resource to our members."

Architecture related news, patterns, templates and web log postings from practincing architects will make up most of the content of the new website. Visitors will also find Knowledge Communities, which are pools of knowledge on specific IT architecture topics, edited by the experts in the field.

Phil Windley comments.
Cirrus Minor comments.

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