Monday, December 12, 2005

The power of the press, who is the press? who is the newsmaker?

Washington Post Reporters Upset About Links To Blogs

I think the Washington Post’s deal with Technorati is brilliant. Just plain brilliant. Bloggers commenting on your newspaper is tangible evidence of readers. If you can go to an advertiser and say that the average article receives X amount of links, or that the articles in the business section receive X amount of links, it gives advertisers confidence that they are reaching an influential audience.

Of course it’s no fun when someone exposes your writing as clueless. Better to link it from your site and learn from it, than have everyone else link to it for the purpose of enjoying a hearty laugh at your expense.

Post reporters are walking barefoot for the first time as it were. As soon as their calluses are built up they will enjoy blogosphere.

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