Thursday, March 09, 2006

IP addresses, operating systems, and security

Wilson P. Dizard III, Government Computer News

Terrorist organizations and other national enemies have launched bogus Web sites that mask their covert information or provide misleading information to users they identify as federal employees or agents, according to Lance Cottrell, founder and chief scientist at Anonymizer of San Diego.

The criminal and terrorist organizations also increasingly are blocking all traffic from North America or from Internet Protocol addresses that point back to users who rely on the English language, Cotrell told an educational seminar in Washington at the FOSE 2006 trade show’s Homeland Security Center yesterday. FOSE is sponsored by PostNewsweek Tech Media, the parent company of Government Computer News.

Among the risks of the terrorist cloaking practice are that the organizations can provide bogus passwords to covert meetings. By doing so they can pinpoint federal intelligence agents who attend the meetings, making them vulnerable to being kidnapped or becoming the unwitting carriers of false information, Cottrell said.

I am really sorry I missed that presentation.

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