Tuesday, March 14, 2006

On pitching bloggers, something to bear in mind


Who made me a gatekeeper? I don’t want that job.

Don’t send me more email pitches please. Don’t beg for me to try out your software. Don’t wait for me to blog about your company or your team or your product or you. That’s what comments here are for. You have direct access to anyone who is reading this post. Pitch in the comments! If your stuff is good, someone will try it out and say so. Maybe even me.

Shel Israel is to be thanked for this post since he wrote about how to pitch him. You know this world is getting nuts when even the ex-PR guys are getting pitched!

Blogging is authentic, and has power because of that, but the marketers have definitely arrived and now my inbox is full of people saying “pick me, pick me.”

This confirms my long held theory that we are better off pitching the low traffic blogs. I have developed this approach considerably since my 2005 presentation at the New Communications Forum. You are all invited to participate in PR University's Audio Conference where I will be discussing what I have learned.

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