Monday, March 13, 2006

Six Sigma projects and PR

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Among the key results from Part I of the survey – Six Sigma and Communication – was a very strong belief in the important role communication plays in Six Sigma. When asked if, "Communication is an essential element of a successful Six Sigma project," nine-tenths of respondents strongly agreed or agreed with the statement, with half of those strongly agreeing.

Respondents were also definitive when asked, "Clear, consistent communication is one of the primary keys to making sure your Six Sigma initiatives are working," 86% strongly agreed or agreed with the statement, with 21% strongly agreeing. Likewise, 47% of those surveyed strongly agreed with the statement, "Interactivity, two-way
communication (dialogue, listening and feedback), is critical to the success of the Six Sigma process," with another 45% agreeing.

Responses to these questions demonstrated that the participants realized the manner in which they communicate has a direct effect upon the success of their Six Sigma projects. When asked, "What factors contribute the most to the success of a Six Sigma team?"more than two-thirds said that the "Project leader's ability to engage the team" was the number one factor. Two-thirds of respondents chose "The team's ability to work together," as another important factor and more than half valued the "team's ability to communicate".

I have attended many presentations at DC Spin. Almost all of them revolve around the human relations of process improvement, almost nothing about the technology in question. The more often I go, the more I am convinced that good technology has more to do with fostering cooperation than technical skill.

Six Sigma & Software Process Improvement

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Meikah Delid said...

Right, the success of technology or any initiative for that matter, depends more on your ability to foster cooperation than promote technical know-how. What good are your skills when no one cooperates or no team effort is behind you. In fact, it has often been said that if you're pushing for change such as Six Sigma, you have to promote it clearly and well.