Thursday, June 07, 2007

Blogs and selling to the government

I would like to expand on a point I made while recording Amtower Off-Center. Government sales usually involve selling to a committee. Either the CIO, or one of his representatives attends your presentation. Usually, there is a network administrator, project manager, business manager, and a programmer or technical support representative.

All of these people have a say in the purchase, and who has the most say is not always a question hierarchy. Sometimes the CFO will be so desperate for a solution that he will drive the process. Sometimes the technical support representative will see the need for a new system, and bring the others along. Until you get in the room, you have no way to identify the real decision maker. Moreover, before you ever get in that room, many conversations have taken place as to whether an additional capability is needed, and if so, who is the preferred vendor.

Blogs can begin that conversation. Blogs are a store window that prospective customers can “shop.” Prospects have the opportunity to get acquainted in a no-pressure situation. It is for that reason they are such an effective tool for networking.

To hear more about blogging in the government market, tune in tomorrow at 2 pm on WFED 1050 AM in Washington - simulcast on on Amtower’s Off-Center Observations.

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