Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Community Patent Review

Welcome to the Peer to Patent reviewer pre-registration site for the pilot to launch in early June!

Peer to Patent is the the Community Patent Review pilot. You are among the first to join the "open revolution" and sign up to become a Community Peer Reviewer!

To create an account, please provide your first and last name. To foster a sense of belonging and trust within the community, we encourage everyone to display their full names. You may use a pseudonym, if you prefer.

Once the pilot goes live, you will be able to subscribe to specific patent applications and learn more about the Peer to Patent community.

For more information and updates about Peer to Patent, visit the project website http://dotank.nyls.edu/communitypatent.

You can e-mail us with questions or feedback at reviewer@peertopatent.org.

This is the USPTO project I discussed earlier, to use social software to review patents. This has the potential to address many of the problems with the current patent system.

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