Sunday, June 10, 2007

Google called a threat to privacy

Watchdog accuses Google of invading the privacy of its internet surfers

When it comes to snooping in cyberspace, internet giant Google is the online world's biggest brother, according to a new report. The California-based company, famed for its enlightened style of management, is painted in a less flattering light in the first attempt to rank internet companies on their respect for users' privacy.

The human rights campaign Privacy International, which conducts an annual audit ranking countries according to how they respect their citizens' privacy, has analysed the world's leading internet companies.

The public isn't ready yet, but privacy is going to be the next killer ap.

Responding to the consequences of privacy breaches is going to become a PR speciality.

Edit -
Search Engine Land blog suggests that Privacy International may have a conflict of interest as it has a Microsoft representative on their Board. This illustrates the importance of such institutions in shaping public opinion.

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