Tuesday, June 26, 2007

How to make a four year old story blow up in your face

If you wake me up, you will regret it.

Will someone please give reputationdefender a clue?

Candidate: Story on me is wrong

Back in October 2003, the Princeton Union Eagle wrote that Cheri Yecke, then Minnesota's education commissioner, explained in "advance publicity" for a public hearing that "schools could include the concept of 'intelligent design' in teaching how the world came to be."

Big news? Apparently not. The line was buried in the 22nd paragraph.

Yecke hired reputationdefender to handle this for her, and what does reputationdefender do? Ask that the offending material be removed; but since Yecke has no evidence she did not say such a thing, the paper very properly is standing by its reporter.

If you have been in public life for more than fifteen minutes there is negative material about you on the internet. The proper way to handle that is to bury that information with positive material, generating positive stories and tagging them. You cannot control the internet, but you can move the positive material to the top of the search results.

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Jack Yoest said...

Great story on Yecke. And great advice -- load and tag with good news -- deny and bury the bad.


Thanks again,
Jack and Charmaine