Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Industry Analyst blogosphere

Helzerman alerts us to Technobabble's Top 50 Analyst bloggers. Is Technobabble a great name for a blog or what?

Washington's own Trend Watch did not make the rankings even though its Technorati authority is 275 and has 33 subscribers on Bloglines.

It seems to be modeled on Todd And's Power 150 Marketing blogs. Even though any such ranking will be flawed, this sort of thing requires a great deal of work and helps to build community.

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Jonny Bentwood said...

Thanks for picking this up and for complementing the name of the blog.

Any methodology will be flawed in some aspects but I feel this largely quantitative analysis is the best of the tools available.

Trend Watch has also now been included in the rankings and jumps into 5th place.

There was always the (likely) chance that some blogs would be missed out but I hope with subsequent updates it becomes more reliable.