Thursday, November 17, 2005

I'm so ravenous, I could eat an entire blackbird pie

c=US ID Mgt.

It's this thread that's been developing in my head over the last few weeks starting with a comment by my muse to start checking out heteronyms.

Heteronyms are pseudonyms with individually developed writing styles. The "Book of Disquiet" is an example of a novel that's written in this style. Along with heteronyms came words such as homographs.

Homographs are also a security risk when people think they are reaching one web site, when they are actually reaching another.

How in fact does one guard identity when similar sounding (or written in different character set) web sites or telephone numbers are used? Another Hax0r trick.

Certainly a great source of punning, and double entendre, this facility of language to act at multiple levels at the same time is a great thing. Cequs is also seek us, or c equals us
and so on. It's what makes Shakespeare worth watching and reading time and time again, that sense of depth.

So I started making a sort of homograph, and not a very good one. "I'm so ravenous, I could eat an entire blackbird pie".

The next day I walked outside and there was a gigantic flock of crows or blackbirds hanging outside in the trees, a very unusual event and a portent. Giant flocks of birds suddenly squawking outside your door is very Alfred Hitchcock.

When I told someone at work about this they said "well of course, they hang out on the wire and pick this stuff up".

This fellow employs a stream-of-consciousness method to information assurance commentary. It is oddly effective.

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