Wednesday, November 16, 2005

RSS and its impact on XML

Implications to the Meta Data Environment

The implications for the meta data environment are enormous. Taking a closer look at RSS standard reveals that simplicity and consistency are critical irregardless of context. This indicates that a simple metamodel, such as the Dublin Core, could be easily exchanged by the use of RSS technology. Several of the sample feeds, included at the bottom of this article, contain Dublin Core expansions. Newsreaders could replace the majority of the functionality currently held within the centralized meta data repository. Publishing new content is very similar to the information required for publishing technology asset meta data or will be in the near future. Advancements in the RSS technology will allow code objects, analysis documents, modeling artifacts and other system development life cycle products to publish information about the assets automatically. This will eliminate the need for the extraction of information by hand or forcing integration into a single methodology. RSS already has search functionality and personal taxonomies where the end user can catalog their own content which may prove to be much more valuable than the traditional IT based taxonomies.

I would be very interested in hearing developer's comments on this.

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