Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Remixing reader relations, an interactive model

David Card likes Washington Post Remix. From the site:

We are pleased to announce washingtonpost.com's Post Remix. With Post Remix, you may use washingtonpost.com RSS feeds to experiment with different applications using washingtonpost.com content.Here are the conditions for participating in Post Remix:

- Your efforts must be for personal, and not for commercial, use. You may not sell applications that use or incorporate washingtonpost.com content.
- You recognize that Washingtonpost.Newsweek Interactive retains all intellectual property rights in all washingtonpost.com content and you that acquire no such rights by participating in Post Remix.
- Washingtonpost.com may incorporate your ideas into future projects it develops.

Very smart. The Washington Post was a little slow to catch on to blogosphere and the new covnersation, but now they seem to be smart indeed.

Ann L. McDaniel, Vice President of The Washington Post Company, talks about The Washington Post, the Post-Newsweek Tech Group, FOSE and the blogging phenomenon.

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